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Rehabilitation Centers for Injured Owls

A Barn Owl guarding its nest.

Injured owls require immediate care by licensed and experienced raptor rehabilitators. Any delay reduces the bird's chances for survival and eventual release. Even if you mean well, it's illegal to possess a raptor without state and federal permits.

An injured bird of prey can be very dangerous.

Call someone who is knowledgeable about handling wild animals. The first thing you should do is call your local sheriff's office or police station. Officials there can help locate experts, such as raptor rehabilitators. Carefully observe but do not try to handle the bird. Watch out for its talons and beak! Even a weak bird will try to defend itself. Carefully cover the bird with a towel, blanket, or jacket and wait for help to arrive. For more information about raptor rehabilitation centers, please visit Carolina Raptor Center.