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Social Media is More "Social" Than Ever

Join Carolina on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

YouTube. Twitter®. Facebook. Flickr®. Social and “user-generated-content” Web sites are the rage. Everyone is a “friend,” makes comments, or “likes” someone’s post.

You may wonder why Carolina is diving into this social mix. Unlike other suppliers, the Carolina team wants to stay in touch, and involved, with customers to support your needs far beyond the purchase process. Since you hang out on these sites, we do, too. Why not join us and get support for your classroom while you’re at it?

Carolina posts helpful, creative, and interesting content on YouTube, Twitter®, and Facebook. If you haven’t viewed our new videos (on the CarolinaBiological YouTube channel and our Web site,, take a look. Our videos inform you about our unique products, and our experts demonstrate routine procedures to help you prepare for classes or troubleshoot common problems.

While we stock a nice assortment of chick and egg incubation products, like the rest of the world, we know there’s a whole new definition of “Tweet.” At the CarolinaBio Twitter® page, we post short, helpful tweets covering relevant science news, classroom suggestions, or Web sites that you may find interesting.

Finally, “like” Carolina on Facebook. Just search for “Carolina Biological Supply Company.” Becoming a fan on Facebook opens another channel for accessing advice, tips, news, photos, and videos, as well as for posting suggestions or questions. (The staff at Carolina monitors the site daily and responds to those questions.) Facebook also allows educators using Carolina products to connect and share ideas.

Social media are changing the way we collaborate, teach, and distribute our ideas. We’ll see you there!