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Phenomena Video Gallery

What are phenomena? They’re observable, naturally occurring events that are everywhere. A sunset, your breath on a cold morning, and the fizz of baking soda and vinegar are all phenomena.

Scientists build on knowledge to explain or predict phenomena; engineers design solutions to problems that arise from phenomena. And in the classroom? Phenomena are engaging opportunities for the three-dimensional teaching and learning that are core to the NGSS.

Each of the short videos in this gallery invites students to observe a phenomenon that sparks curiosity and can prompt student-generated questions. Use these questions as lead-ins to lessons and investigations. Then guide students to apply scientific and engineering principles, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas to explain the phenomenon—just as scientists do.

To learn more about phenomena and how it can guide instruction, read the article “What Are Phenomena?” Then motivate and engage your students with the video clips below.