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Classroom Activities

  • Hovercrafts in the Classroom Designing and building hovercrafts is an engaging STEM experience for students. They become involved with science, learn from one another, enjoy the process, and take pride in a creating a masterpiece of their own. View »
  • Teaching Chemistry with Manipulatives Manipulatives can help students (especially visual and tactile learners) understand abstract concepts by allowing them to “see” a chemical structure or process. We offer 2 ideas for creating manipulatives and how to use them. View »
  • Equilibrium Straw Activity What is equilibrium? How is it reached? Many students assume that the concentrations or amounts of reactants and products—rather than rates—must be equal at equilibrium. This short lab activity helps to dispel that notion. View »
  • Physical Science Math Review: Techniques, Formulae, and Constants Help students organize formulae by topic and recall the appropriate SI units with this review sheet. It also provides a metric conversion and scientific notation refresher. View »