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Carolina’s Perfect Solution: Superior Specimens

Carolina's Perfect
Solution® Specimens

Developed by Carolina scientists to
be the very best quality and safest
preserved specimens on the market.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® Specimens have been a teacher favorite for over 10 years.

Teachers and students alike love these specimens. Why? Because specimens preserved with Carolina's Perfect Solution® have tissues and organs with natural texture and vivid color, allowing your students to easily identify structures and learn anatomy. We guarantee that you will love Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens!

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A variety of specimens are available in more than one size.


Plain (no color injection)—For general anatomical studies and beginner-level students

Latex injections—For more enhanced study of the circulatory system

  • Single (1 color injection)
  • Double (2 color injections)
  • Triple (3 color injections)


Pail-packed specimens—Immersed in preservation fluid, packaged in 1- to 5-gal pails, and sealed with leak-proof, reusable lids. Ideal for long-term storage.

Vacuum-packed specimens—Packaged in vacuum-sealed plastic barrier bags with a single specimen (1 per bag) or many specimens per bag (bulk bag). Perfect for short-term storage.


Carolina Biological is always one
step in front of its competition...

"Carolina Biological is always one step in front of its competition; their Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens set them miles ahead. The difference this solution makes in a preserved organism is truly astonishing. It is refreshing to do business with such an accommodating company that will never settle for less than perfection."

Colleen Hollimon
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Ridgeland High School

The double color Perfect Solution®
specimens are the best for detail...

"I get all my dissection specimens (cats, pigs, and frogs) from Carolina and I have never had a disappointing product. One of the biggest things my students like about them is the fact that they are able to distinguish between all the different organs, it doesn't look like just a tan or brown blob on the inside. The double color Perfect Solution® specimens are the best for detail and being able to determine what is what in the body cavity. The second thing that kids really like is the fact they don't smell near as bad as our old specimens!"

High School Biology Teacher
Atwood, KS

Carolina Biological's Perfect Solution®
is the best way to preserve specimens.

"Carolina Biological's Perfect Solution® is the best way to preserve specimens. It keeps the specimen soft, true to color, and free of any fungus or bacteria. In fact, some specimens still look fresh after 3+ weeks of continuous dissection. The aroma is manageable and, when tested, has never indicated toxic levels of formaldehyde in the air, making the classroom an enjoyable learning atmosphere. We are very happy with Carolina's Perfect Solution® preservative."

Shanette Billings
Biology Laboratory Coordinator, Agriculture and Natural Sciences
Blinn College

I was immediately drawn to the realistic
colors and uniformity of organs.

"I wear two hats at our local community college: lab manager and adjunct instructor for anatomy and physiology labs. Knowing the importance of inventory control, I use the older products before opening new merchandise. As I was overseeing a rat lab, I found myself one rat short and grabbed the next available specimen, which happened to be the Perfect Solution® rat from Carolina. I had read the literature, but had not seen the actual product until that morning. As I incised the rat, I was immediately drawn to the realistic colors and uniformity of organs. I thought maybe I was persuaded because of the literature, so I compared the Perfect Solution® rat to the other rats being dissected. There simply was no comparison. The Perfect Solution® rat was, quite bluntly, beautiful. I will continue ordering these stunning specimens from Carolina, and recommend these rats to my colleagues and anyone else willing to listen!"

College Lab Manager
Batesville, AR

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Perfect Solution specimens last as long as formalin specimens?

Should I wash specimens with water?
No. This washes the preservative from the tissue and could also promote mold growth.

Do I need to refrigerate my specimens for long-term storage?
No. Specimens can be kept at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and in their original packaging. If the original packaging has been opened or discarded, repackage the specimens in a sealable bag or pail.

If I do not open the packaging, how long will my specimens remain in good condition?
Many specimens can be stored for years under the right conditions. If you plan to store yours for more than a year or to use them over an extended period of time after opening, we recommend that you purchase pail-packed specimens. Because they are immersed in preservative fluid, they remain in good condition longer.

Is it safe for pregnant women to participate in dissection activities using specimens preserved in Carolina's Perfect Solution®?
Exposure to Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens should not pose a significant risk to an expectant mother or her unborn child. Read more about this here.

Are there any discounts for purchasing in bulk?
We do offer quantity discounts on specimens packaged in bulk bags and pails.

If I order specimens now, may I store them for several months before using them in a dissection lab?
Yes. If the specimens are packed in single or bulk bags, the fluid will begin to drain from the specimens and pool in a corner of the bag over time. This is normal and will not harm the specimens. For longer-term storage, we recommend purchasing pail-packed specimens.

Should I add more water to the pail if the liquid has evaporated?
No. Adding water will dilute the preservative and cause mold to grow on the specimens. If you need more fluid for your pails, please contact a Carolina customer service representative at 800.334.5551.

How do I dispose of Perfect Solution specimens?
Specimens preserved in Carolina's Perfect Solution® can, in most cases, be disposed of in a school's regular waste destined for a landfill or incinerator. The specimens are not classifiable as federal hazardous waste and do not represent a biohazard. However, you should check with your local solid waste authority (local governmental authority in charge of solid waste, local landfill, or waste disposal company if applicable) to ensure that this is an acceptable practice. If it is, we recommend that you double bag the specimens before placing them in your school's regular waste.

Safety, Storage, and Disposal of Preserved Specimens (M)SDS - Specimens in Carolina's Perfect Solution®