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Wisconsin Fast Plants®: Mendelian Genetics Monohybrid Seed Disk Set

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Accelerate Wisconsin Fast Plants® studies with these handy Seed Disks. Seed Disks are 8 cm in diameter and have seeds "sewn" in dissolvable paper disks. They can be placed directly on the soil in a small deli container watering system or directly into a petri dish. The disks provide uniform rows of plants with equal spacing so students can easily observe individual plant growth and development. This also allows for easier measuring, counting, and thinning (if needed) of the plants. The Mendelian Genetics Monohybrid Seed Disk Set contains 8 disks (Non-Purple x Purple) for each of the following: P1 mother disks (16 to 18 seeds per disk), P2 father disks (16 to 18 seeds per disk), F1 disks (16 to 18 seeds per disk), and F2 disks (28 to 30 seeds per disk). Each disk is conveniently labeled and packaged in an envelope to ensure the specified seed stock is planted.


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