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Biology can be a scary subject for students. Biology labs from Carolina will help you teach in a way that permeates your students' ability to absorb knowledge and understand concepts. Shop some of our most popular biology labs concepts below or view the full material lists for all of the biology labs we have put together for you.

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Below find some of our popular selling products for teaching biochemistry, or go straight to lists where we have put together everything you will need for the top selling Biochemistry labs that we are asked for. Simply add the materials to your cart and checkout.

Macromolecules          Enzymes          Biochemistry Kits

Cell Structure and Function

The products below are widely used for teaching cell structure and function.  You can also explore all the materials needed for some of the most often requested labs when studying cell structure and function. 

Plant Cell Structure & Function          Cell Structure and Function Kits 


Osmosis and Diffusion

 Our product managers hand picked the products and resouces below just for you. You can also peruse popular labs for teaching Osmosis and diffusion. Simply view the shopping list of materials in the quantities needed for those specific labs. Add to cart and checkout!

          Diffusion and Molecule SIze          Osmosis in Animal & Plant Cells          Osmosis & Diffusion Kits

Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

Popular products and resources for teaching photosynthesis and cellular respiration are listed beow. We have also put together all the materials you will need to teach some of the popular labs that teachers use when teaching Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration. View the shopping list of materials in the quantities needed for those specific labs. Simply add to cart and checkout!

Photosynthesis kits          Carbon Dioxide Consumption          Cellular Respiration Kits

Mitosis & Meiosis

Below find some of our customer favorite products and resources for teaching Mitosis & Meiosis. View the lab materials we have put together to cover mitosis and meiosis.Buy all the necessary materails for the classroom lab that workds best for you to cover the stages of mitosis and meiosis. 

Mitosis & Meiosis Kits          Mitosis & Meiosis Simulations          Observing Mitosis & Meiosis



Teachers love the hands on experience students receive when using the kits below for teaching Genetics in the classroom. We have videos, labsheets and many other free resources available to help. Carolina also has put together a full list of materials for many of the most sought after labs. Simply add the list of materials to your cart and checkout. 

Mendelian Genetics Kits          Synthetic Blood          Inheritance of Traits

AP Biology

However you choose to teach your students AP Biology, we have what you need. We have a wide selection of traditional AP labs, materials kits for college board labs and more. 

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