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Modeling Radiometric Dating Digital Resources

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Use this digital resource package with Modeling Radiometric Dating or as a stand-alone set of resources.

Digital resources may include:

  • Setup, phenomena, or activity videos
  • Student pre-lab activities
  • Interactive digital lessons and simulations
  • Digital teacher’s manual
  • Downloadable resources
  • Activity supplies spreadsheet
  • Printable student guide

Access the resources in your classroom or assign them to your students via Carolina Science Online®.

This 1-year subscription license is for an individual teaching up to 45 students. Multiple licenses may be required.


What’s Included:
  •  Modeling Radiometric Dating Teacher's Manual and Student Guide
  •  Student Guide, Modeling Radiometric Dating
  •  Fill-in Answer Sheets, Modeling Radiometric Dating
  •  Editable Assessment Questions, Modeling Radiometric Dating
  •  Whiteboard Resources, Modeling Radiometric Dating
  •  Prelab Tutorial: Structure of an Atom
  •  Radioactive Dating Post-Lab Assessment: Decay Law
  •  Radioactive Decay Simulator
  •  Graphing Module
  •  Simulating the Decay of a Radioactive Element
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