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Customer Service & Technical Support

Customer Service
& Technical Support

Customer Service and Technical Support
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Need help? Need technical assistance? Looking for a particular product? Need help placing an order or checking the status of an order? We are here to help. Call us, chat with us, send an email or try some of our self-service options with the selections in the left menu.

Check out our new Carolina Help Center where you can search our Frequently Asked Questions library to find the answer to your question.

Carolina Help Center

Carolina Distance Learning

Speak to a specialist about moving college courses online using your current LMS and our in-home lab kits.

K-8 Curriculum Sales & Services

Build an exceptional three-dimensional learning experience for your K¬–8 students with Smithsonian Programs or Building Blocks of Science®.

Find a Sales Representative

Quotes and Contracts

Submit a quote directly to our Quotations Department. Please include a contact name, your complete address, and your fax and telephone number(s). You can also speed up the quote process by creating a shopping cart here on Carolina.com and using the “View As Quote” feature to save your cart and email that list to our Quotations Department.

  • Phone: 800.334.5551 (8am to 5pm ET, Monday-Friday)
  • Fax: 336.538.6330
  • quotations@carolina.com
  • Mail:
          Quotations Department
          Carolina Biological Supply Company
          PO Box 6010
          Burlington, NC 27216-6010

International Sales

Contact our international sales team directly or submit a quote request here on Carolina.com. Click Here for instructions on how to send a shopping list to our international sales team for quote.

  • Phone: 336.586.4399 (8am to 5pm ET, Monday-Friday)
  • Fax: 336.584.7686
  • internationalsales@carolina.com
  • Mail:
          International Sales Department
          Carolina Biological Supply Company
          PO Box 6010
          Burlington, NC 27216-6010

Become a Supplier

We appreciate engaging and collaborating with quality suppliers to help us meet our needs in increasingly competitive global markets

Complete Supplier Request Form


In the event of a serious spill, contamination, ingestion, or other emergency situations, please use the contacts below.

  • Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm ET: 800.227.1150 or 336.584.0381
  • After Business Hours, Contact Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (Chemtrec): 800.424.9300