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Vaucheria, Living

Item # 152995

Genus and Species: Vaucheria sp.
Optimal Medium: Alga-Gro® Freshwater
Optimal Temperature: 22° C
Optimal Light: High (200 to 400 foot-candles)
Motility: None
Classification: Yellow-Green Algae



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Vaucheria sp. Freshwater yellow-green algae. Filaments are coenocytes. Each culture contains enough material for a class of 30 students. This culture requires a high light level of 200 to 400 foot-candles of fluorescent light 18 to 24" from the culture. Optimal medium: Alga-Gro® Freshwater (item #153752). Optimum growth temperature: 22° C.

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Item# 152995
Light Level / Temperature High/22° C
Medium Alga-Gro® Freshwater

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