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Atlas of Anatomy for Allied Health


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Dr. David Ward. 2010 (2nd ed). 158 pages. The Atlas of Anatomy for Allied Health is the outgrowth of Ward's anatomy and physiology instruction and his expertise in photography and photomicroscopy. Soft cover.

  • Provides a compact, integrated reference of gross and microscopic anatomy for pre-nursing and other allied health students
  • Allows dual use, as a primary guide or as a supplement to laboratory exercises in anatomy
  • Centers on 4-color photographs and illustrations of anatomical models, specimens, and histological material from anatomy labs
  • Focuses each cleanly, simply designed page on a specific topic and parallels organization to that of anatomy and anatomy/physiology textbooks
  • Includes brilliant 4-color photomicrographs with a wide range of magnification using fluorescence, darkfield, polarized light, and standard brightfield microscopy
  • Contains a comprehensive index of all structures labeled in the 4-color photographs and illustrations

Table of Contents:

  1. Cells, Epithelial and Connective Tissues, and Skin
  2. Osseous Tissue, Bone, and the Skeleton
  3. Muscle Tissues and Skeletal Muscles
  4. Nervous Tissue, Spinal Cord, Brain, and Sensory Organs
  5. Heart, Blood Vessels, and Blood
  6. Airways and Lungs, GI Tract, Kidneys and Bladder
  7. Autonomic Nervous System, Endocrine Glands, and Reproductive Organs


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