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Self-Adhesive Human Anatomy BodyPartCharts™

$87.50 - $88.00

Peel and stick these innovative charts to any smooth wall surface without worrying about damage! Each chart is made of durable vinyl and can be repositioned and reused. Choose from realistic, labeled graphics of human organs and complete systems. BodyPartChart™ is powered by Fathead®.

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Use these innovative, vinyl graphics to teach the anatomy of individual human organs or complete systems. Unlike typical classroom charts, these can be easily peeled away from their backing and hung on smooth wall surfaces without the hassle of using nails, tape, or tacks. The low-tack adhesive allows the charts to be safely repositioned and reused without damaging wall surfaces. Each chart is also fade resistant and dry-erase capable. BodyPartChart™ was developed through the collaboration of Fathead® and a visionary physician seeking tools to encourage patient education and discussion. Installation instructions are provided. Overall dimensions, 26 x 39-1/2" (medium); 39-1/2 x 52" (large); 49-1/2 x 79" (extra large).




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