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Flatworm and Roundworm Eggs Microscope Slide Set

Product Highlights
  • Set of 12 Slides.
  • Includes eggs from parasites encounter in tropical medicine.
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This set of 12 slides includes eggs from most of the important worm parasites encountered in tropical medicine.


What’s Included:
  • Clonorchis sinensis Egg
  • 1 Fasciola Ova
  • 1 Dipylidium Ova
  • Schistosoma mansoni Ova
  • 1 Diphyllobothrium Ova
  • Hymenolepis diminuta Ova
  • Taenia saginata Ova
  • Taenia solium Ova
  • Enterobius vermicularis Ova
  • Ascaris lumbricoides Ova
  • Necator americanus Ova
  • 1 Trichuris Ova
  • 1 Carolina Slide Box
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