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Carolina BioKits®: Introduction to Gene Regulation: The lac Operon (with perishables)

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Introduce your students to gene regulation with this lab activity focused on the lac operon. During the lab, students test the B-galactosidase levels of 3 cultures grown in the presence of glucose, lactose, or glucose and lactose. You have the option of allowing students to perform the activity as a quantitative lab (with spectrophotometer) or as a qualitative lab (without spectrophotometer). This kit is designed for students working in 8 groups of 2 to 4. Note: Kit includes perishable materials. The o-nitrophenyl-B-D-galactopyranoside must be kept frozen.

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Shipping Information or Purchase Restrictions
  • Exclamation icon This item contains living or perishable material and ships via 2nd Day or Overnight delivery.
What’s Included:
  • 1 Escherichia coli Slant Culture  
  • 1 ONPG, 0.3 g  
  • 3 Incomplete Medium, 60 mL
  • 1 Lactose, 0.3 g
  • 1 Glucose, 0.3 g
  • 1 Mixture of Lactose and Glucose
  • 1 Inoculating Loop
  • 40 Disposable Pipets
  • 100 Blank Labels
  • 1 Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide
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Needed But Not Included:
  • 24 Test Tube Covers (e.g., caps, stoppers, Parafilm®)
  • 3 Containers (for ONPG, optional)
  • 8 Permanent Markers
  •  Bleach
  •  Ethanol or Other Disinfectant
  • 1 Incubator, 37°C
  • 1-8 Bunsen Burner
  • 24 Test Tubes (qualitative protocol)
  • 8 Test Tube Racks
  • 48 Test Tubes (quantitative protocol)
  • 1 Spectrophotometer for measuring A600, A420, and A550 (quantitative protocol)
  •  Cuvettes (quantitative protocol)
  •  Serological Pipets, for measuring 2.0 mL, 2.4 mL, 4.5 mL (quantitative protocol)
  •  Pipetting Device for Serological Pipets (quantitative protocol)
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