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Carolina® GelView System, 230 V, EU Plug (international use only)

Item # 213743 Online Only This product is not available in our print catalog. Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.

GelView offers an easy, cost-effective way for students to document and share electrophoresis results using a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet.



Ships from the manufacturer and will arrive on or about 7/8/21

Documenting electrophoresis results has never been this easy!
Looking for an easy way for students to visualize electrophoresis results, digitally capture and share them, and drop them into their electronic lab notebooks? This 1-stop imaging system allows students to do all that with a camera-equipped smart device such as a phone or tablet. They simply place GelView over the stained gel, place the smart device camera on the stage over the optical filter, align, and snap an image. Students can share the images via e-mail, text, or cloud-sharing apps. GelView is an innovative, cost-effective way to document results without making compromises. Includes a 535-nm band-pass filter for green dyes. Note: This item is for international use only.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.
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Product Families Featuring This Item:

Components Qty Included?
GelView 1 Included
Band-Pass Filter, 535 nm 1 Included
AC Adapter 1 Included
Smart Device (smartphone or tablet) 1 Needed, Not Included