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Exploring Gene Expression Through Transformation Kit (with perishables)

Product Highlights
  • Explain the importance of promoters and gene regulation
  • Describe the role of transformation in genetic engineering
  • Articulate the importance of the controls in an experiment


Product details
Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge
Perform a successful bacterial transformation!

Using β-thalassemia as a medical example, students explore the phenomenon of gene regulation in this hands-on kit. As students progress through the lab, they consider why changes in the DNA sequence in front of a gene (not in the gene's coding sequence) affect how much functional protein is produced by the gene. They also use a new plasmid in a transformation experiment that includes a gene for kanamycin resistance. They learn to utilize IPTG as a compound to turn on gene expression for certain promoters. Finally, students successfully transform plasmid to produce green fluorescent protein (GFP). Kit includes enough materials for a class of 32 students working in 8 groups of 4, as well as 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction for NGSS.

Note: Kit ships with the perishable materials included.

Time Requirement
Teacher preparation, 1-3/4 hours. Prelab, 45 minutes. Practice digital exercise, 10 minutes. Investigation: Introduction, 45 minutes; procedure, 50 minutes. Analysis questions, 45 minutes. Assessment questions, 45 minutes.

Learning Objectives
Students will:

  • Explain the importance of promoters and gene regulation
  • Perform a successful bacterial transformation
  • Describe the role of transformation in genetic engineering
  • Articulate the importance of the controls in an experiment

Connection to the Next Generation Science Standards*
Performance Expectations

  • HS-LS1-1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes. Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the structure of DNA determines the structure of proteins which carry out the essential functions of life through systems of specialized cells.

Science and Engineering Practices

  • Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions

Disciplinary Core Ideas

  • HS-LS3.A: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Crosscutting Concepts

  • Cause and Effect
  • Patterns

*Next Generation Science Standards® is a registered trademark of WestEd. Neither WestEd nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.


Shipping Information or Purchase Restrictions
  • This item contains living or perishable material and ships via 2nd Day or Overnight delivery.
What’s Included:
  • E. coli DH10B Slant Culture  (perishable item)
  • 2 Kanamycin Solutions, 4 mL, Vial  (perishable item)
  • 1 IPTG, 40 mg  (perishable item)
  • 1 GFP Plasmid, 200 µL  (perishable item)
  • 18 Sterile Graduated Transfer Pipets
  • 3 Glass Beads, Pack
  • 50 Sterile Petri Dishes, 100 x 15 mm
  • 3 LB Agar Bottles, 400 mL
  • 1 Carolina® UV LED flashlight (356-nanometers wavelength)
  • 1 Sterile Distilled Water, 1 mL
  • 28 Disposable Inoculating Loops
  • 30 Sterile Bulb Pipets, 1 mL
  • 1 Nichrome Wire Inoculating Loop
  • 18 Sterile Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2 mL
  • 8 Calcium Chloride, 1 mL, Vials
  • 1 Carolina Science Online® Resources (1-year subscription)
  • 1 Teacher's Manual Reproducible Student Guide
Needed But Not Included:
  •  Thermometer
  •  Microwave or Boiling Water Bath
  •  Bunsen Burner
  • 8 Benchtop Waste Containers
  • 8 Permanent Markers
  • 8 Racks to Hold 2-mL Tubes
  • 4-8 Containers of Crushed Ice
  •  Household Bleach (or access to an autoclave)
  •  Household Bleach or Ethanol
  •  Paper Towels
  •  Hot Pad or Glove
  •  Devices for Tracking Time
  •  Incubator, 37° C (optional, but useful)
  •  Water Bath, 42° C (optional, but very useful)
Return Policy:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this item, it is eligible for a return, exchange, refund or credit up to 30 days from date of receipt. Other restrictions may apply. Returns & Exchanges Policy.