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Building Blocks of Science® A New Generation: Discovering Plants Unit Kit

Item # 514001 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.

Grade Pre-K/TK. In this unit, students discover what plants need to live and grow. The unit kit for Discovering Plants includes a Teacher's Guide and enough supplies and apparatus to teach the unit to a class of up to 24 students.



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Grade Pre-K/TK. The Discovering Plants Unit Kit includes a Teacher's Guide and enough supplies and apparatus for a class of up to 24 students. During the unit, students discover what plants need to live and grow. They examine seeds, plant them, and tend to them as they move through the life cycle from seed to plant. Students examine all parts of the plant up close—including the roots—to observe and record what each looks like and what it is used for during the life cycle. Students focus on general similarities and differences between plants, contrasting several types in the classroom and out in the natural environment, comparing sprouting seeds, counting emerging leaves, measuring stem growth, and watching flowers unfold and seedpods develop. The unit concludes with students designing and executing simple experiments using the class garden to find out how light, water, and growing conditions can affect plant growth and health.

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Components Qty Included?
Teacher's Guide 1 Included
Unit Technology Pack (includes digital access to teacher's guide and digital student access to reader) 1 Included
Discovering Plants Reader 1 Included
Lighting System (bulbs included) 1 Included
Bottle, Plant Mister 4 Included
Sprayer, Plant Mister 4 Included
Card, Index, Unruled, 5 x 8" 100 Included
Cup, Plastic, 1 oz 20 Included
Cup, Plastic, 7 oz 33 Included
Dish, Petri 18 Included
Lens, Hand 30 Included
Lid, Planter Tray 1 Included
Pail, Plastic, White, 1 qt 6 Included
Paper, Wax, 75 ft, Roll 1 Included
Plant Pot, Plastic, 3" wide 30 Included
Poly-Flat, 24 Cells 1 Included
Corn, Field, 1/2 lb 1 Included
Seed, Lima Bush Bean, 1/2 lb 1 Included
Seed, Little Marvel Pea, Pack 1 Included
Seed, Pumpkin, Pack 1 Included
Seed, Rye Grass, Pack 1 Included
Soil, Seed Start Potting, 16 qt 1 Included
Spoon, Plastic 32 Included
Tongue Depressor 80 Included
Tray, Cafe, Plastic, Red, 10 x 14" 12 Included
Tray, Planter, No Hole 1 Included