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Carolina Beyond the Tape®: Lake Carson Crisis

$76.20 - $161.45

Grade 9-College. Students jump into the role of environmental forensic investigators as they attempt to solve the issues plaguing Lake Carson. An algal bloom has taken over the lake and threatens to shut down the town unless someone can find the contaminant's source. Students become hands-on—investigating topics such as conductivity, water flow modeling, water testing, algae identification, and macroinvertebrates. Help build a compelling case and save this town before it's too late!

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Grade 9-College. The Lake Carson City Park is in desperate need of your help. An algal bloom has broken out in the lake, and it is threatening to shut down local businesses and send this vacation paradise into a downward spiral. Lake Carson needs your students' help to solve its environmental dilemma. Students take on the role of environmental forensics experts, using engineering, modeling, deductive reasoning, and scientific methodology to piece together this scenario's events. They use their scientific background to eliminate suspects and identify the true culprit—and stay engaged throughout the investigation. Students use physics to build reservoir models and LED conductivity testers; test their chemistry skills with water quality assays; and hone their biology knowledge with macroinvertebrate identification. Each compelling kit—designed for your discipline of choice—brings forensic science into your classroom. Note: Some kits are available with the perishable material included or with a voucher to request the perishable material later at your convenience.




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