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Chemical Bonding Kit Voucher


This product is not available online. Call 800.334.5551


This prepaid kit voucher allows you to purchase the Chemical Bonding Kit (item #840835) now, but request shipment of the kit later at your convenience. Simply visit www.carolina.com/vouchers to redeem the voucher. Shipping and handling are included in the voucher price. Buy the voucher now, redeem it later, and receive the kit on your schedule!

To learn more about the Chemical Bonding Kit, type 840835 in the search field.


Shipping Information or Purchase Restrictions
  • Exclamation icon This item is sold and shipped to educational institutions only by phone. Not available for online purchases or shipping to residential addresses.
What’s Included:
Needed But Not Included:
  • 16 Paper Clips
  • D-Cell Batteries
  • 8 Bunsen Burners
  • 8 Ring Stands with Ring
  • 8 Wire Gauzes
  • 8 Tongs
  • 8 Strikers
  • 8 Hand Lenses or Dissecting Microscopes
  • 8 Wash Bottles (filled with distilled or deionized water)
  • 8 Pencils or Pens
  • 96 Toothpicks
  •  Paper
  •  Paper Towels
  •  Tape
  •  Timers or a Wall Clock
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Return Policy:

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