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DNA Keepsake Kit

$10.25 - $189.00

With this kit, students depart on a journey of self-discovery in the molecular world. Using the safe, simple materials provided, students can extract their DNA and incorporate it into a piece of jewelry that is an expression of their personal genetic makeup for all to appreciate.

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Beginning—Easy to perform; requires little or no prior knowledge.
The DNA Keepsake, an expression of life's eternal molecule
How often do you engage your students by helping them create something truly unique and personal? Take them on a journey of self-discovery in the molecular world with this kit. It uses safe, simple materials that enable students to extract their own DNA—and have it appear right before their eyes! Transfer the DNA to the glass vial, and together with the beautiful pewter double helix pendant, it becomes a piece of jewelry—and more. It's also an expression of an individual's personal genetic makeup for all to appreciate. Foster your students' curiosity and wonder with this one-of-a-kind experience. The 1-Station Kit (item #211762) includes enough materials to create 1 DNA Keepsake; the 12-Station Kit (item #211763), 12 DNA Keepsakes; and the 24-Station Kit (item #211764), 24 DNA Keepsakes. All kits provide 1-year access to digital resources. Note: This kit requires students to use samples of their own saliva. Please check your school's policy regarding the use of bodily fluids in the classroom.




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