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Exploring Electrophoresis of DNA Demonstration Kit

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Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.

Students separate mixtures of precut DNA fragments using samples of lambda DNA - uncut, cut with EcoRI, and cut with HindIII - to effectively demonstrate the action of restriction enzymes and the principles of electrophoresis. Gels can be run in 3-1/2 hours using three 9-V batteries or overnight with 1 battery.

Can also be adapted for use with activities in the National Council for Agricultural Education's Biotechnology for Plants, Animals, and the Environment (item # 212217). This Demonstration Kit contains instructions, 1 set of apparatus (with 4-well comb), and sufficient materials for 2 demonstrations.


What’s Included:
  •  Agarose Powder and TBE Buffer
  •  Carbon-Fiber Electrodes
  •  Pipet Tips
  •  CarolinaBLU® DNA Stain
  •  Predigested DNA Samples
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Needed But Not Included:
  •  Distilled or Deionized Water
  •  Batteries
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