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Amplification of Lambda DNA by PCR Kit

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Our simplest PCR kit is designed to offer unmatched versatility in your classroom. This approachable protocol has been optimized for the classroom, and it works flawlessly with or without access to a thermal cycler. Truly our most time- and classroom-friendly PCR kit, Amplification of Lambda DNA by PCR is an excellent way to demonstrate molecular technique right in your classroom. Kit comes with enough materials for 25 amplification reactions.

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Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.

Good for beginning PCR study. Students amplify a 1,106-bp sequence from the bacteriophage lambda genome using a sample of dilute lambda DNA mixed with PCR Ready-to-Go Beads™ and lambda PCR primers. The mixture can be amplified using 2 water baths (55° C and 100° C) or by using a DNA thermal cycler. Students load the PCR samples onto a 1% agarose gel, electrophorese, and stain. They then verify the size of the amplified product by comparing it to DNA size markers.

This kit also can be used to do time-course studies in which the number of amplification cycles is varied. Students can then observe a qualitative difference in the intensity of the bands on the gel in response to the number of amplification cycles performed.

Each kit contains instructions and materials sufficient for 25 reactions or 6 to 8 time-course experiments.

Note: Order the kit with the perishable materials included or with a prepaid coupon to request perishables later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable materials.