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Abraham Lincoln's DNA and Other Adventures in Genetics Book

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Philip R. Reilly. 2000. 339 pages. This well-written, engaging book appeals to a variety of readers. The author, a clinical geneticist, lawyer, and consultant in biotechnology, uses interesting true stories from history and current times to teach about and discuss recent developments in science and genetics and the advantages and challenges they bring. Both high school and undergraduate instructors can find this material useful for framing classroom discussions about the complexities and ethical issues surrounding many recent advances in genetics and biotechnology.

The 24 stories are grouped into different chapters under the following 6 subject headings:
  • "History: Using DNA to Understand the Past"
  • "Justice: The DNA Revolution in the Courts"
  • "Behavior: Do Genes Make Us the Way We Are?"
  • "Plants and Animals: Genetic Engineering and Nature"
  • "Diseases: The Genetic Revolution in Medicine"
  • "Dilemmas: Genetic Technologies and Individual Choice"
The stories cover subjects including (but not limited to) Abraham Lincoln and Marfan syndrome, King George III and porphyria, fragile X syndrome, cystic fibrosis, breast cancer, crime cases, Alzheimer's disease, and genetically modified organisms. Soft cover.


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