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BioBits®: Central Dogma Lab

(ships from manufacturer, est arrival 9/2/22)


Illuminate transcription and translation with the BioBits® cell-free system

Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.

BioBits® pellets are tiny molecular factories that can create a variety of proteins, from brightly colored fluorescent proteins to functional enzymes, without the need for cell culture. When dry, BioBits® pellets are dormant, but they can be activated by simply adding water. Researchers have been using cell-free reactions in their laboratories for years, with applications ranging from novel therapeutic discovery to field diagnostics. The BioBits® cell-free system now makes this cutting-edge technology accessible anywhere to anyone interested in learning molecular biology. It is an excellent teaching tool to enhance biology education both within and beyond the classroom.

With minimal equipment requirements and a quick, straightforward protocol, students use the BioBits® system to visualize the flow of genetic information and monitor transcription and translation in real time through fluorescence. Students also gain hands-on experience in micropipetting and cell-free protein synthesis. This is an excellent interactive tool for learning the central dogma of molecular biology and exposes students to cutting-edge synthetic biology. It can be completed in 2 class periods separated by an 8- to 72-hour incubation period. Kit contains enough reagents for 8 lab groups (32 students). Note: These reagents require refrigerated storage. BioBits® pellets are best used within 3 months of receipt when stored at 4° C.


What’s Included:
  • 32 BioBits® Pellets
  • 1 DNA Sample A
  • 1 DNA Sample B
  • 1 Nuclease-Free Water
  • 1 Kanamycin
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Needed But Not Included:
  • 1 Digital Student Guide (download from miniPCR website)
  • 1 Digital Instructor's Guide (download from miniPCR website)
  •  P51™ Molecular Fluorescence Viewer (item #216321) (or blue light transilluminator; 1 per lab group)
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