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Flow of Genetic Information Kit©

(in stock)


Product Details
3D Molecular Designs. Model the central dogma and DNA replication with this impactful and interactive kit. Using durable color-coded foam pieces, students can manipulate the models and recreate the sequential steps of DNA transcription, DNA translation, and DNA replication.

Product Features

  • Visualize DNA strand directionality, anti-parallel structure, and leading/lagging strands
  • Demonstrate structural differences between DNA and RNA
  • Model the flow of information from DNA to RNA to proteins
  • Challenge your students to create a stop motion movie of each process using these models

Note: Teacher notes, an activity guide, student notes, and other additional supplemental resources are available on the 3D Molecular Designs web site.


What’s Included:
  • 1 DNA Replication Placemat, 12 x 19”
  • 1 Transcription Placemat, 12 x 19”
  • 1 Translation Placemat, 12 x 19”
  • 2 DNA Polymerase Ovals
  • 1 Transcription Bridge
  • 3 Orange Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for replication placemat)
  • 5 Red Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for transcription placemat)
  • 3 Purple Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for translation placemat)
  • 4 Gray Sticky-Back Foam Pieces (for polymerase ovals)
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 2 DNA Sequence Maps (I and II)
  • 2 RNA Sequence Maps (I and II)
  • 9 Tan Foam tRNA Molecules
  • 1 Tan Foam Release Factor
  • 10 White Foam Amino Acids
  • 40 Red Foam DNA Nucleotides (adenine)
  • 40 Yellow Foam DNA Nucleotides (thymine)
  • 40 Blue Foam DNA Nucleotides (cytosine)
  • 40 Green Foam DNA Nucleotides (guanine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (adenine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (thymine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (cytosine)
  • 24 Gray Foam DNA Nucleotides (guanine)
  • 10 Red Foam RNA Nucleotides (adenine)
  • 10 White Foam RNA Nucleotides (uracil)
  • 10 Blue Foam RNA Nucleotides (cytosine)
  • 10 Green Foam RNA Nucleotides (guanine)
  • 1 Genetic Codon Mini Chart
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