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Chibitronics Circuit Stickers

$39.50 - $134.00

Combine science and art to create simple circuits that work without wires or special paint. Using conductive tape, LED stickers, and batteries, you can add creative technology to your curriculum and empower students to transform classroom knowledge about circuits into real-world projects. Starter set (for 1 to 2 students) includes batteries and instructional sketchbook. Class set includes LED stickers and conductive tape for 30 students (no batteries); instructional material is online only.

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Blend electronics with traditional arts and crafts media to create personally meaningful technology and new media for self-expression. Chibitronics Circuit Stickers allow you to easily incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) or a Makerspace into your science classroom. Extend your unit by exploring other types of conductive metal foils, tapes, and threads.

Which Chibitronics product is right for you?
Starter Set (item #755964):

  • Beginner level
  • Small projects
  • Gift idea

The sketchbook walks you through circuit-building basics. All projects are contained within the book, creating a handy reference guide.

Class Set (item #755966):

  • Experienced user
  • Bulk supplies needed
  • Group work or large projects

Sketchbooks are not included. Instructional material and tutorials are online only.

The copper foil tape used to build circuits has a conductive adhesive. It conducts electricity on both the top and the bottom. This type of tape is ideal for the Chibitronics circuit kits. Note: Common copper tape (often found in garden supply stores) does not have a conductive adhesive, and it only conducts on the top. Two pieces of common copper tape without conductive adhesive must be soldered together, not taped together, to make double-sided copper foil tape.




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