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Biotic Indicators of Water Quality, Biorama™ Preparation

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Biorama™ preparation. This collection of 14 organisms is an excellent tool for assessing the water quality of freshwater systems and a helpful guide for your water quality studies. The organisms are divided into 3 groups: those that are very sensitive, those that are somewhat sensitive, and those that are tolerant of pollution and turbidity. A mayfly nymph, stonefly nymph, and caddisfly larva serve as examples of very sensitive organisms; water quality must be good to support these organisms. A dragonfly nymph, backswimmer, water scavenger beetle, water strider, clam, grass shrimp, and crayfish are displayed as somewhat sensitive organisms; water must be healthy to support these organisms, but they can tolerate moderate levels of pollution and turbidity. The lunged snail, glassworm, mosquito larva and pupa, and leech represent organisms tolerant of pollution and turbidity. Fully labeled and mounted in a 12 x 8" Riker mount.


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