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Flightless Fruit Fly Kit (with Perishables)

Item # 172158P


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Intermediate-Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge. For a class of 32 students working in teams of 4. Students make crosses of sepia with wild-type red eyes (monohybrid cross), white with wild-type red eyes (sex-linked cross), and apterous with sepia (dihybrid cross). Kit includes:2 miniature Drosophila cultures (used as wild type), 2 sepia miniature Drosophila cultures, 2 white miniature Drosophila cultures, 2 apterous miniature Drosophila cultures, FlyNap(r) kit, Carolina(tm) Drosophila manuals, instant Drosophila medium, culture vials with plugs, vial labels, Drosophila sorting brushes, sorting cards, and teacher's manual with reproducible student guide.

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Components Qty Included?
Parental Stock (miniature)   2 Included
Parental Stock (sepia miniature)   2 Included
Parental Stock (apterous miniature)   2 Included
Parental Stock (white miniature)   2 Included
FlyNap® Kit 1 Included
Formula 4-24® Instant Drosophila Medium, 1 L 1 Included
Vials and Plugs 36 Included
Vial Labels 72 Included
Sorting Brushes 12 Included
Sorting Cards 100 Included
Carolina™ Drosophila Manual 9 Included
Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Stereomicroscopes 8 Needed, Not Included
Sealable Containers 2 Needed, Not Included
Tap Water and Detergent or 70% Ethanol Needed, Not Included