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Advanced Firearm Identification Kit

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This kit expands on topics introduced in the Basic Firearm Identification Kit (item #212151). Specifically, it examines gunpowder and shotgun ammunition in depth. Various types of gunpowder, their characteristics, and how this information is used to solve crimes is discussed in the included PowerPoint® presentation. Different compositions of shot, its various sizes, and specialized shotgun ammunition such as slugs are covered in the presentation, as well. The presentation also includes 2 case studies where gunpowder and shotgun ammunition components played a vital role in each case. Information given in the presentation provides the basis for 2 laboratory exercises.

Kit includes components for 3 different laboratory exercises involving observation, measurement, mathematics, microscopy, and chemistry. One kit provides enough materials for 24 students working in pairs. Note: The shotgun shot lab exercise relies on accurately measuring the shot. Calipers (item #702647 or #702651) are not included but strongly recommended. Not for use by children 12 and under.


What’s Included:
  • 7 Gunpowder Samples
  • 5 Shotgun Shot Samples
  • 10 Shotgun Wads
  • 1 CD-ROM (includes 2 PowerPoint® presentations, teacher notes, and database of 250 shotgun wads)
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