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Cherry Shrimp, Living

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This beautiful, easy-to-care-for shrimp adds a splash of color to freshwater aquaria. It does best in a heavily planted aquarium with lots of shelter where it will help keep your tank clear of algae. It is hardy and peaceful and can be kept in smaller tanks. Densities of 2�3 shrimp per gallon work best. Cherry shrimp are small (1 to 1-1/2"), so they should not be housed with large, aggressive fish. They are scavengers and will feed off of excess algae and fish food in the aquarium. If they are being housed alone, small quantities of a high-quality sinking food pellet are recommended. Note: Should not be shipped over a weekend. Carolina recommends that you request your order to arrive on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (or even a Saturday) to avoid weekend shipping. Contact Carolina Customer Service for more delivery options.


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