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Discovering Connective Tissue Self-Study Unit

Item # 312026

This set of 4 slides is designed to aid your study of connective tissue histology. Represented are compact bone, tendon, and elastic and hyaline cartilage. Three self-study cards with a labeled color photograph and background information about compact bone, tendon, and cartilage are also included.



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Begin your study of connective tissues with this unique set of 4 slides with self-study cards! A representative histology slide of compact bone, tendon, and elastic and hyaline cartilage are included. Three labeled self-study cards allow examination of the tissues even after the microscope has been put away! Each card shows a labeled, color photograph of the representative slide with background information. The cartilage self-study card includes images and information about both elastic and hyaline cartilage.

Components Qty Included?
Tendon 1 Included
Elastic Cartilage 1 Included
Hyaline Cartilage 1 Included
Compact Bone 1 Included
Tendon Self-Study Card 1 Included
Cartilage Self-Study Card 1 Included
Compact Bone Self-Study Card 1 Included
Slide Mailer 1 Included