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Mammal Areolar Tissue Slide, Spread, Verhoeff's Stain

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12+ $8.05
Product Highlights
  • This microscope slide contains a spread of mammal areolar tissue
  • Used in basic histology lessons or more advanced anatomy classes
  • Stained with Verhoeff's stain for easy viewing of general structures
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Areolar tissue is classified as 1 type of loose connective tissue. It is found throughout the body and has several functions, including connecting skin to underlying tissue, cushioning various organs, and supporting blood vessels.

Stained with Verhoeff's stain so students can easily visualize the thin, dark elastic fibers and the larger pink collagen fibers in this slide. Areolar connective tissue cells (i.e., fibroblasts, mast cells, or white blood cells) and their nuclei can also be seen. The slide can be used in basic histology lessons or more advanced anatomy classes.


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