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3B® Disarticulated Human Half Skeleton

$459.00 - $550.00

Life-size, disarticulated half human skeleton consisting of 30 plastic pieces. The hand, foot, and vertebral column are loosely strung on nylon filaments. Item #246725 skeleton comes with a black plastic storage case; item #246727 is the skeleton only.


3B® Scientific. Use this detailed replica of half of a human disarticulated skeleton to study the skeletal system. Bones from 1 side of the skeleton are included, as well as a 3-piece skull with a cut calvarium and spring-held jaw. One hand and foot, along with the vertebrae, are strung on nylon filaments. The sternum with intracostal cartilage is cast in 1 piece. All other bones are loose. Both versions come with a Human Anatomy Manual. Item #246725 also Includes a black plastic storage case (item #249890A) with carrying handle and snap fasteners. Weight without black storage case, 4 kg.




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