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3B® Disarticulated Human Muscular Skeleton with Storage Case

Item # 246782

Life-size, disarticulated full human skeleton consisting of 53 durable plastic pieces. The left side is hand painted and numbered to show muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue). Bones and other important characteristics are numbered on the right side. Includes a black plastic storage case (item #249890A) with carrying handle and snap fasteners.



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3B® Scientific. Demonstrate how muscles interact with bone with this 53-piece model of the human disarticulated muscular skeleton. Half of the skeleton, including the skull, is painted and labeled to illustrate muscle origins and insertions. Bones and their characteristics, such as fissures and foramina, are numbered on the other side of the skeleton. The 3-piece skull has the calvarium cut and features a spring-held jaw and complete dentition. The vertebral column is strung in anatomical order on nylon filament. One foot and hand are articulated on wire and number coded. The other hand and foot are disarticulated and painted to show muscle origins and insertions. The sternum with intracostal cartilage is cast in 1 piece. All other bones are loose. Includes a black plastic storage case (item #249890A) with carrying handle and snap fasteners and a Human Anatomy Manual. Weight without black storage case, 6 kg.