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3B® Disarticulated Human Skeleton

$547.00 - $681.50

Life-size, disarticulated full human skeleton consisting of 53 durable plastic pieces. One hand and foot are articulated on wire, while the other pair is loosely articulated on nylon filament. The vertebral column is also strung on nylon filament. Item #246777 skeleton comes with a black plastic storage case; item #246775 is the skeleton only.

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3B® Scientific. This full-sized replica of the human disarticulated skeleton is perfect for in-depth study of the human skeletal system. The 53-piece product includes a 3-piece skull with cut calvarium and spring-held jaw. Bones of the vertebral column are strung in anatomical order on nylon filament. The bones of 1 hand and 1 foot are loose. The other hand and foot are articulated with wire. The sternum with intracostal cartilage is cast in 1 piece. All other bones are loose. Both versions come with a Human Anatomy Manual. Item #246777 skeleton comes with a black plastic storage case; (item #249890A) with carrying handle and snap fasteners. Weight of skeleon only, 4.8 kg.




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