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3B® Human Skeleton, Rod-Supported

Item # 246875

Life-size, articulated human skeleton made of durable plastic. Mounted on a metal rod with stable metal stand and casters. Height and weight, including stand: 176.5 cm, 9.6 kg.

Price $484.00 $460.00

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3B® Scientific. If you are looking for a great skeleton for an exceptional price, then look no further! As one of Carolina's best sellers, this quality life-sized replica of the human skeleton will be an asset to teaching skeletal anatomy in your classroom. Constructed of a durable, unbreakable synthetic material, the skeleton is articulated to show normal posture, the extremities are removable, and the 3-part detachable skull has a cut calvarium, a spring-held lower jaw, and 32 individually inserted teeth. Skeleton is mounted on a newly designed stand that includes a metal rod and a stable metal base on 4 casters. Comes with a plastic dust cover and a Human Anatomy Manual. Height and weight, including stand: 176.5 cm, 9.6 kg.