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Somso® Human Muscular Skeleton

Item # 246882A

Life-size, medical-quality replica of a male articulated human skeleton. Muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are hand painted on the right side of the body; the left side is number coded. All anatomical details of the bones are shown. Mounted on a metal rod with stable stand and casters. Height and weight, including stand: 180 cm, 10.4 kg.



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Somso®. This medical-quality skeleton model is correctly articulated to show normal posture. The shoulder, elbow, knee, and pelvic joints can be either flexed or rotated to approximate limb movements. The skeleton also features removable skull, lower limbs, and upper limbs, including the shoulder girdle. The right and left foot can be detached from the leg. The right side is painted to show muscle origins in red and insertions in blue; the left side is number coded. This skeleton is mounted upright by means of a metal rod extending from the sacrum to a base with casters. Height and weight, including stand: 180 cm, 10.4 kg.

This superior classroom skeleton comes with a Human Anatomy Manual and identification key.


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Somso®—Where Science and Art Meet

Superior craftsmanship combined with the guidance of world-renowned anatomists has rendered Somso the world's finest model-maker for over 130 years. This family-owned company has upheld its philosophy of "nature is our model" and designed each human, animal, and plant model with the utmost attention to scale, form and presentation of anatomical features.

Upon order, skilled artisans hand-assemble and hand-paint each model at one of two German-based workshops. All models must meet Somso's extremely high quality standards for scientific accuracy, fine artistry, function, and durability before being shipped to customers. This ensures that every customer receives not only a museum-quality teaching aid but also a unique work of art.

True to the adage "you get what you pay for," when you invest in a Somso model, you pay for excellence.