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3B® Beauchene Human Skull

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3B® Scientific. Make learning the complex anatomy of the human skull simple with a life-size, hands-on model. Students disassemble this cast of a Beauchene human skull into 22 bones for individual study. Then they reassemble the model using inconspicuous, stable connectors attached at simplified sutures.

The skull consists of the following natural-colored, individual bones: parietal bone (left and right), occipital bone, frontal bone, temporal bone (left and right), sphenoid bone, ethmoid bone, vomer bone, zygomatic bone (left and right), maxilla with teeth (left and right), palatine bone (left and right), nasal concha (left and right), lacrimal bone (left and right), nasal bone (left and right), and mandible with teeth.

Includes an identification manual with assembly instructions. Size and weight: 21 x 14 x 16 cm, 0.7 kg.


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