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Inquiries in Science®: Complete Chemistry Series Lab Package

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Greades 9–12. This package of all 18 Inquiries in Science® chemistry kits provides lab activities that help students understand an essential science topic in the area of matter, chemical and nuclear reactions, solutions, or organic chemistry. Each kit has materials for at least 30 students working in groups. Includes a FREE digital Teacher's Manual and Student Guide for each kit.


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What’s Included:
  • 1 FREE Digital Teacher’s Manual and Student Guide for Each Kit
  • 1 Understanding Properties of Matter Kit (item #251200)
  • 1 Changing States of Matter Kit (item #251201)
  • 1 Reconstructing Atomic Theory Kit (item #251219)
  • 1 Interpreting the Periodic Table Kit (item #251203)
  • 1 Bonding Chemically Kit (item #251204)
  • 1 Expanding on the Gas Laws Kit (item #251205)
  • 1 Determining Chemical Formulas Kit (item #251206)
  • 1 Calculating with Stoichiometry Kit (item #251208)
  • 1 Balancing Chemical Equations Kit (item #251207)
  • 1 Examining Thermochemistry Kit (item #251209)
  • 1 Investigating Reaction Rates Kit (item #251212)
  • 1 Attaining Equilibrium Kit (item #251213)
  • 1 Discovering Acids and Bases Kit (item #251214)
  • 1 Exploring Voltaic and Electrolytic Cells Kit (item #251215)
  • 1 Finding Solutions Kit (item #251210)
  • 1 Observing Colligative Properties Kit (item #251211)
  • 1 Introducing Organic Chemistry Kit (item #251218)
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