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Carolina® Laboratory Pipettors

$62.65 - $140.00

The Carolina® Laboratory Pipettor series offers classrooms an unmatched research-quality pipettor at a fraction of the cost. A lightweight, ergonomic design helps ensure user comfort, yet it withstands the rigors of classroom use. This advanced pipette is the perfect solution for classrooms on a budget that don't want to compromise performance and quality. Units are available in ranges from 1.0 to 1,000 µL.


  • Research lab features at economical classroom prices
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design but still durable
  • In-lab recalibration system
  • Fully autoclavable

The Carolina® Laboratory Pipettor series is the culmination of decades of classroom experience and liquid handling research. Every aspect of accuracy, reliability, and user comfort has been carefully reviewed in designing these high-precision pipettes. The result is an advanced pipette that exhibits superior accuracy and ergonomics, at a price designed for the classroom budget. Each unit offers light springs to help ensure user comfort, even during prolonged and repetitive pipetting.

Two storage options are available separately. The universal Carolina® Pipette Carousel Stand (item #214619) is the perfect way to store and display these units, putting 6 pipettes at your fingertips without compromising valuable bench space. The Carolina® Micro-Pipette Rack (item #214618), which features the ability to accommodate multi-channel pipettes without sacrificing stability, holds up to 5 pipettes for convenient access.




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