Steps Toward Next Generation Science Standards

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Steps Toward Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

The move is on to meet Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS). But how do you make the shift from facts and formulas to the new 3-dimensional approach that helps students learn how to think like a scientist? At Carolina, we're ahead of the curve with NGSS-aligned content, kits, expertise, and teacher resources to make your transition to NGSS easy.

Step 1: Start with the Basics

Next Generation Science Standards are K-12 science content standards designed to stimulate student interest in science and develop key skills. The 3 dimensions of NGSS are:

Science and Engineering Practices

Science and Engineering Practices that describe what scientists do to investigate the natural world and what engineers do to design and build systems.

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Disciplinary Core Ideas with broad importance in one or across multiple science or engineering disciplines.

Crosscutting Concepts

Crosscutting Concepts that help students explore connections across Physical Science, Life Science, Earth/Space Science, and Engineering and Technology Design.

This 3-D approach encourages questioning, inquiry, communication, collaboration, and ultimately, problem solving. It goes beyond memorizing facts to actually doing science.

Information You’ll Need to Make the NGSS Journey

Begin with a 3D overview then find out specific ways you can help students develop their science and engineering skills.

Explore the various elements of Next Generation Science, from asking questions to constructing explanations to communicating results.

Step 2: Choose the Best Partner

With 90+ years of leadership in developing thought-provoking, content-rich science investigations, Carolina is your best source for NGSS content and support.

  • Carolina has robust lab kits that directly address NGSS learning and performance objectives, while giving students a fun and engaging science experience.
  • Content is developed by our high-caliber interdisciplinary team of scientists, master teachers, innovative programmers, and designers.
  • Each science kit is designed for student success, while easing the workload of teachers with easy-to-scan kit summaries and content reviews on

How do we develop NGSS-aligned kits? Watch to find out.

Find out about all the organisms, models, e-learning products, and other Carolina resources that support NGSS.

7 Ways Carolina Supports Your NGSS

5 Great Reasons to Shop Carolina

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products

Excellent customer service with 90+ years in business

Products developed by educators and thoroughly tested

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Kits That Address Teacher & Student Challenges

Limited time, budgets, standards, student interest — Carolina takes them all into account as we develop NGSS-aligned kits. See how in this white paper:

Learn About the Kit Development Process

Carolina Science Kits Now Feature Digital Components

There's so much that comes inside each Carolina kit — and even more outside the box with our wide array of digital support.

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What Teachers Are Saying

The Inquiries In Science kits allow for the development of scientific process skills necessary for success with the NGSS.

It appears as if Carolina is almost part of the team in creating the College Board labs and NGSS standards, these labs comply with all recommendations, provide the necessary instructions and procedures, and comply with all updated standards

Easy to use and supports NGSS standards! The Analyzing Population Growth is especially well done.

Step 3: Access Free Resources

Carolina understands tight budgets. That's why we developed Carolina Essentials™. This series of free activities follow NGSS-prescribed teaching and learning methods that include phenomena, big questions, student investigations, modeling activities, and assessment questions.

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*Next Generation Science Standards® is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.

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