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SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader

(ships from manufacturer, est arrival 7/20/22)


If your lab routinely measures concentration or absorbance in 96-well plates, the Accuris SmartReader 96 will be a welcome addition. Its 7" touch screen, intuitive software, and graphical interface make it easy to use as a stand-alone instrument. Other features include:

  • A filter-based system with a wavelength range of 340 to 750 nm
  • A USB port for data transfer
  • An absorbance range of 0 to 4.000 Abs
  • An 8-channel vertical optical path with zero dispersion
  • An integrated, multi-speed plate shaker

The SmartReader 96 comes complete with 405-, 450-, 492-, and 630-nm filters. Its integrated filter wheel allows up to 8 filters to be loaded at once, and filters can be selected during programming. Twenty-six additional filters are sold separately to cover 340 to 750 nm.

Programming and operation can be done using the instrument's touch screen or a mouse (not included). The menu interface allows you to choose the wavelength filter, set shaking parameters, enter plate layout details, and also choose the details for the reading protocol and data calculations. For calculated comparisons, up to 2 filters can be used for 2 measurements of the sample plate. Kinetic calculations can be performed by setting multiple readings.

The plate layout interface enables quick, intuitive set up of a plate's well contents. The display shows a graphical representation of the 96-well plate, and you can label wells as "known standard," "unknown sample," "blank well," "QC control well," "negative control," "positive control," or "empty." The interface allows highlighting and labeling multiple wells to save time.

It's quick and easy to save data files to a USB drive with the instrument's convenient USB port. The universal .csv files can then be shared or transferred to a computer for storage or further processing. For connecting a computer or basic printer, the SmartReader 96 is equipped with a data port. Measurement data is available immediately on the screen after a reading, as are interpretations, calculated analysis, and curve fittings.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Plate Reader
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 4 Filters
Features, Dimensions & Weight:
  • Accuracy: 0 to 3 Abs, CV≤0.2%; 3 to 4 Abs, CV≤01.0%
  • Dimensions: 11-3/5 x 17 x 8-3/4" (295 x 440 x 225 mm)
  • Display: 7" touch screen (800 x 480 pixels)
  • Light Source: Quartz-halogen lamp (6 V, 10 W)
  • Linearity: 0 to 2.000 Abs, <+1%; 0 to 4.000 Abs, <+2% (at 405 nm)
  • Memory : 200 programs, 100,000 test records
  • Output Connections: USB ports for PC, printer, mouse, and flash drive
  • Range: 0 to 4.000 Abs
  • Speed: Reads a 96-well plate in 6 sec
  • Wavelength Range: 340 to 750 nm (405-, 450-, 492-, and 630-nm filters included; filter half-bandwidth, 3 to 9 nm)
  • Weight: 10 kg (22 lb)
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