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Large Owl Pellet, Pack of 15

Item # 227882 New Online Only This product is not available in our print catalog.

Pack of 15 large owl pellets. Pellets are heat sterilized and 1-1/2" L or longer.



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Owl pellets are masses of undigested parts of food that owl species regurgitate. The contents of the owl pellet depend on the owl's diet, but can include the exoskeletons of insects, indigestible plant matter, bones, fur, feathers, bills, claws, and teeth.

  • Our individually wrapped pellets are heat sterilized at 250° F for 4 hours and cooled in the oven and are free of chemicals.
  • Large owl pellets are 1-1/2" L or longer.
  • Pack includes 15 Large Owl Pellets.

  • This item is only available at Carolina.com.

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