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Enzyme, Digestion, Osmosis Kit Replacement Set

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Grade 9–College. Some items in the Enzyme, Digestion, Osmosis Kit (item #684056) can be reused. This refurbishment set includes the items consumed during the teaching of the kit that need to be replenished.


What’s Included:
  • m-Cresol Purple pH Indicator
  • 2 Dropper Bottles (for urea and urease solutions)
  • 1 1.0 M Sucrose Solution
  • 1 0.5 M Sucrose Solution
  • 1 1.0 M Glucose Solution
  • 1 1.0 M Urea Solution
  • 1 Urease Solution with Buffer, 0.4%
  • 3 Enzymatic Urease Powder
  • 3 Enzymatic Invertase Powder
  • 1 Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide
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