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Modeling Kidney Function with Concentration Gradients and Selective Permeability Kit

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Design, observe, and analyze a model of kidney filtration to determine the relationship between input and output within a system.

PE: HS-LS1-2
Related PE: HS-LS1-3
Time Requirement: 1 45-minute Class Period and 2 60-minute Class Periods

SEP: Developing and Using Models
CCC: Systems and System Models
DCI: LS1.A Structure and Function

This kit gives students the opportunity to construct a model of a kidney and observe filtration of simulated kidney blood. Using a semipermeable membrane, students filter simulated kidney blood and test the solutions with simulated salt test strips. The simulated kidney blood contains microscopic, simulated red blood cells that cannot pass through the membrane but are easily observable under a microscope. Kit contains materials sufficient for 15 groups of students and includes a 1-year teacher subscription to digital resources. Supports NGSS and 3-dimensional instruction.


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