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Corn Segregating Ear, R and Su Alleles 9:3:3:1

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Product Details
Genetic corn is an impactful, hands-on tool for introducing students to mendelian genetics and demonstrating inheritance patterns. This ear is ideal for demonstrating the outcome of a dihybrid cross between two heterozygous parents. It demonstrates a traditional 9:3:3:1 mendelian ratio for the phenotypes Purple Starchy:Purple Sweet:Yellow Starchy:Yellow Sweet. The ear is an F2 resulting from a P1 having the genotypes R/R Su/Su and r/r su/su. R: Purple; r: Yellow; Su: Starchy; su: sweet.

Product Features

  • Price is for 1 ear
  • With care the ear can last for years
  • May be used as a refill for the Mendelian Genetics of Corn Kit (item #176360)
  • Ears representing the P1 of this cross are available separately (items #176400 and #176460)


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