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Monocot and Dicot Comparison Microscope Slide Set with Digital Resources

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This slide set and complementary digital resources are great for helping students understand the differences and similarities between these 2 groups of flowering plants. The slide set includes 12 slides of both monocot and dicot roots, stems, leaves, leaf epidermises, flower buds, and seeds. The provided digital images, housed in an editable PowerPoint® file, complement the slides.

After purchase, you will receive a code via e-mail to access your digital content on CarolinaScienceOnline.com, Carolina's easy-to-use learning management tool. The immediately accessible digital content includes digital images that complement the microscope slides; a PowerPoint® presentation with high-quality cellular plant images and accompanying text describing the key features of typical monocot and dicot roots, stems, leaves, leaf epidermis, flower buds, and seeds; and printable worksheets with labeled illustrations from 11 of Carolina's Bioreview® Sheets, along with teacher keys.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Smilax Root Microscope Slide
  • 1 Buttercup Root Microscope Slide
  • 1 Corn Stem Microscope Slide
  • 1 Sunflower Stem Microscope Slide
  • 1 Corn Leaf Microscope Slide
  • 1 Privet Leaf Microscope Slide
  • 1 Monocot Leaf Epidermis Microscope Slide
  • 1 Dicot Leaf Epidermis Microscope Slide
  • 1 Monocot Flower Bud Microscope Slide
  • 1 Dicot Flower Bud Microscope Slide
  • 1 Corn Grain Microscope Slide
  • 1 Shepherd's Purse Embryo Microscope Slide
  • 1 Carolina® Slide Box
  • 1 Digital Image Set
  • 1 Digital Monocot and Dicot PowerPoint® Presentation
  • 1 Digital Student Bioreview® Sheet Set
  • 1 Digital Teacher Key for Bioreview® Sheet Set
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Needed But Not Included:
  • 1 Computer or Mobile Device with Internet Access
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