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Formalin Dogfish Shark, 18 to 22", Plain, Pail

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Dogfish shark preserved in formalin. Specimen is 18 to 22" and has no color injection (plain). Shipped immersed in Carosafe® in a sealed pail. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.



In stock and available to ship.

Our standard formalin dogfish sharks in pails. Size, 18–22". Plain: No color injection. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.

The dogfish shark, a member of the class Chondrichthyes, is a popular dissection specimen in general biology and anatomy courses. It is useful for learning about cartilaginous fish and for studying comparative and vertebrate anatomy. Mature specimens allow for a thorough investigation of adult structures. Larger size is ideal for students working in pairs or small groups.

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