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Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model®: Bird Paper Dissection

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With this hands-on, engaging activity, students color, cut out, and assemble 2 hands-on paper models—a pigeon and a gull—while learning to identify and explain the anatomical structures and functions of birds. Use the eco-friendly models as a dissection-free exploration, a pre-dissection study tool, or a summative assessment for comparative anatomy. Comes with additional supporting digital resources. This is a 1-year subscription license for 1 individual teacher.



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Teachers agree—Scienstructable products are excellent for in-class and remote learning!

Interested in a bird's-eye view of the internal anatomy of a pigeon? Want to discover what sets seabirds apart from land birds? For a true comparative anatomy exploration, this product allows students to color, cut out, and assemble 2 paper models: a pigeon and a gull. Use the eco-friendly models as a dissection-free exploration, a pre-dissection study tool, or even as a summative assessment for comparative anatomy. The models are created from downloadable, printable templates, provided in both blackline and color. Additional supporting digital resources include a downloadable, editable PowerPoint® presentation with bell work activities, instructions, notes, and an embedded answer key, along with non-editable PDF handouts of guided readings about the bird and its anatomy, graphic organizers, extension questions, and the answer key—all easily accessed at CarolinaScienceOnline.com, Carolina's easy-to-use learning management tool. Use the resources in a variety of ways: simply print and distribute, display them in class, and/or assign them to your students through CarolinaScienceOnline.com. This is a 1-year subscription license for 1 individual teacher.

Students will:

  • Learn about 91 structures and functions of the pigeon/gull using the guided reading
  • Color, cut out, and assemble 2 bird paper dissection models (pigeon and/or gull) from the provided template

What's included in this 5- to 7-day lesson:

  • 32 editable PowerPoint® slides with bell work, instructions, notes, and embedded answer key to the handouts
  • Non-editable PDF handouts containing guided reading, differentiated graphic organizers, dissection templates in blackline and in color, extension questions, and answer keys

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Components Qty Included?
Editable Bird PowerPoint® File 1 Included
Non-Editable Set of PDF Handouts (dissection templates in blackline and color; guided reading; answer key; etc.) 1 Included
Computer with Printer Needed, Not Included
Paper Needed, Not Included
Colored Pencils, Crayons, or Markers Needed, Not Included
Scissors Needed, Not Included
Glue or Glue Stick Needed, Not Included