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Carolina's Perfect Solution® Anole, 3"+, Plain

1 - 9 $3.90
10+ $3.25
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Anolis carolinensis. Carolina's preserved anole lizard adults vary in body length (nose to vent) from 1-1/2 to 3". Females are usually at the smaller end of the size range, while males are at the larger end. The tail of the lizard makes up about 50-70% of the total length of the specimen, bringing the total length to 3"+. Because of their small size, anoles are excellent specimens for comparative morphology and/or external anatomy studies, but they are usually too small for easy dissection and internal anatomy examination. For detailed reptilian dissection, we recommend our iguana specimens, items #227765 and #227766.

Size, 3"+. Plain: No color injection. Shipped in pails or jars, depending on the quantity of specimens ordered. Multiple specimens will be packed in a single pail. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.


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  • Type of Preservative: Carolina's Perfect Solution®
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